Roof tie-downs are systems of heavy-duty straps and steel rod anchors designed to adequately tie the roof to the walls of your home.

Why Do You Need To Tie Your Roof Down?
During severe weather conditions, if your roof isn’t satisfactorily tied down, strong wind can lift it off. While potentially watching your roof fly off into your neighbours backyard is the worst-case scenario, there are other reasons that validate securing your roof.

Why Do People Tie Their Roof Down?

1. Peace of mind by maximising the structural performance of your building
2. Gain insurance for the property
3. Gain finance for the property
4. Gain approval from building inspectors regarding the integrity of the       

    property roof

National Building Code (NBC) and Australian Standards
A roof without roof tie-downs could be highlighted in a building inspection report as a major defect of the building. The National Building Code (NBC) together with the AS 1684 requires the appropriate and satisfactory instalment of all roof tie-downs before a building is deemed compliant. If a buildings structural performance is compromised due to a lack of tie-downs, a building inspector should highlight the defect. 

How Can Roof Tie-Downs WA Help You?

Roof Tie-Downs WA are roof tie-down experts. We are a WA family owned business with over 30 years experience in the building industry. We are passionate and committed to maximising the safety of anchoring WA roofs.


Roof Tie-Downs WA services all areas of WA, Perth metro and regional. Coastal suburbs from Mandurah to Kwinana, Fremantle, Cottesloe, City Beach and Scarborough are considered high wind risk areas. 


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